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HEY LATTE! I know you’ve been having a hard time sweetie pie, and so i wanted to draw you a thing in an attempt to cheer you up (I know Shelby’s already sent you a vlad in panties ‘cause we both conspired to send you vlads in panties yo) and it was going to be just a picture but i got carried away and it turned into this

and Danny’s about to find himself in the middle of a man sandwich yo *whispers* fuck yeah two and a half ghosts yo

You stay strong Latte, you’ll get through to happier times i’m sure, i just hope that times soon yo UwU *smooches your face and paps your head* I wish the best for you dear

Chicky I swear to god you are an angel on earth— jfc this is wonderful. ;-; Thank you so so so so so so much for this— it’s everything i love in one picture: vlad in panties and two and a half ghosts holy fUCK *cries*

just…. i don’t know what else to say other than t-thank you again dearest i just— wow i love you ;w; ♥ *smooshes face against screen*


Anonymous asked:

is it true the great lord Chicky is going to bless us with a tutorial on all methods of colouring and painting in her style? oh praise the lord of CUTENESS!!! *faints*


Aye very true

I admit it’s going to be very long, i’m bad at explaining and have a tendency to ramble 

yah’ll are doomed yo UwU

ANd pffft you’re too cute anon oh gosh


Badly done flipbook animation (but shot frame by frame and put together in After Effects) by yours truly ; w ;

But posting this up anyway cause some effort did go into it. This video showcases a small portion of Dawn Fenton’s early life, my OC used previously in my 2D charater 360 degree rotation animation here… even if you have zero interest in her you can still watch it for the Danny Phantom/Sailormoon transformation sequence as well as Danny and Sam’s cameo hahah 

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